25 Great Gifts for Dad


For the record, it’s not just you. Everyone knows. Dads are hard to shop for. Oftentimes we tend to put his gift towards the end of the list, hoping between now and the 25th we somehow stumble across that miraculous item perfect for him.

This year we’re helping you curb that last minute “what-the-heck-do-I-get-him??” scenario. We’ve put together a great list of uniquely handsome, interesting and fun gifts, at excellent prices that we think all Dads (including yours) will really love.

FOCO, MLB Limited Ed. DC Comics Bobbleheads $35

The best sports loving Dads are always looking for the best ways to show off their fandom. FOCO’s collection includes MLB bobbleheads, NFL bobbleheads, NBA bobbleheads, NHL bobbleheads, NCAA bobbleheads, MLS bobbleheads, and EPL bobbleheads. That’s a lot of bobbleheads. They’ve also got new releases and exclusive bobbleheads you won’t find anywhere else, like these limited edition MLB/DC Comics collabs featuring your Dad’s favorite team combo’ed with the man of steel or batman. Up, up and away!

Trelab, Z2 Bluetooth Headphones $89.97

Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these headphones were built to handle rough workouts but are also fantastic for travel or casual home use. Sweat and water resistant (you can even run in the rain with them) they have 35 hours of playtime on a full charge (10 hours after only a 1 hour quick charge). Noise cancelling, they also have a built-in mic for taking calls. Compatible with all devices, including voice assisted devices like Alexa. It has a 5 star rating from Amazon, and major kudo reviews from CNET and NerdTechy. Sounds pretty good to us.

Spencers, Viking Horn Glass & Stand $19.99

The real question is – What Dad’s Bar wouldn’t be better served with a Viking horn drinking glass? Whether he displays it just for show, or uses it (hey, it holds 16 oz) this is definitely a keeper. And if your Dad happens to be a Minnesota fan? Well, you may have just earned yourself son of the year.

The Menlo Club $60/month ($75/season)

Have you got a Dad who wants to stay current and look good, but doesn’t have the time to go shopping? Let his clothing come to him! Set up is super easy. As the Gifter you basically choose which style fits your Dad’s taste (Classic, Casual, Forward, or if you can’t choose between them, there is also a Mix option). Input Dad’s measurements, confirm payment and that’s it. He’ll start getting his first package, usually 2 items per month, and every month is different. Exchanges are easy and he can cancel anytime. Seriously, how’s that for a perfect gift!

Craft Beer Club, Original Craft Beer Gift $44/month

Have you got a Dad that’ll tell you in detail the difference between a Belgian White and a German Weißbier? Craft Beer Club’s shipments include 12 bottles of some of the most fantastic, small production craft beers from across the 50 states. Each box showcases two different breweries from two different regions in the US and includes 4 different beer styles (2 from each brewery), which change each month. These include the brewery’s award-winning, flagship, or most popular beers for him to discover and enjoy. Along with each box they include 2 publications of Micro Brew News for him to learn the background story about the featured breweries that month, the beer tasting notes, recipes to pair with them and even some beer trivia! Plus bonus gifts from time to time as well. You can set him up with just a month to start, or give him a full year’s worth of bragging rights and brewskies.

CADDIS, Bixby Sun Readers $119

They’d rather squint there way through a menu then remember to carry them, but fact is by early to mid-forties, 57% of guys need them. If your Dad is already sporting a pair of reader/cheaters, give him the gift of freedom from having to carry those when he heads out. CADDIS makes bifocal sunglasses…yes, we said sunglasses…that allow your Dad to see distances when he needs to and things up close when he has to. They come in strengths from 1.00 to 3.00 (you can see which he uses by looking on the frame of his cheaters). They also have a bunch of cool designs, like the Bixby we’re showing up above. He may still grumble about getting old, but he’ll love looking good in these.

Creative Irish Gifts, Connemara Whiskey Stones $29.99

If you’ve got a Dad that is a real whiskey connoisseur, this is a truly unique and very cool gift. Made in Ireland from 100% Connemara marble, these stones will keep his drink cold without having to water it down with ice. The perfect match for your Dad’s next tibble, straight from the heart of the land that invented it.

Dr. Squatch, Gift Box Set $49

Made in the USA, the Dr. Squatch brand has been around since 2016. All their bar soaps are made using real glycerin, and crafted combinations of organic oils, natural exfoliants, moisturizers, and clays. Finally, they only cold press their bars, which helps keep in all that good stuff. Pretty cool, right? They’ve achieved cult status for their focus on products targeting a variety of men’s skin needs. No matter if your Dad has sensitive, dry or oily skin issues, Dr. Squatch has a solution. Gift box set contains 3 of their long-lasting bar soaps (you choose the set), 8 0z Shampoo and 12 oz Conditioner. Oh and for the record, they smell amazing…that’s according to us and over 9,000 Amazon reviewers. Still not sure? Check out our review on this product HERE.

DTLR-VILLA, Air Jordan 1 MID $115

Is your Dad a major Sneakerhead? Does he have releases marked on his calendar? DTLR-VILLA is the place to find the latest drops on all Jordan, Nike, Reebox, New Balance, Huf, Android Homme and Adidas retro, collabs and limited edition shoes. If these retro-release 1985 Air Jordans don’t do the trick, you can find pretty much everything else from the Nike Space Hippie to Jaden Smith ‘Vison Racer’ to Pharrell’s Hu Mnd and everything in between. Prices will vary (natch) and releases are limited time only, so if you find something, grab it for your Dad and run with it!

BeSpoke Post, Zippo Engraved Tiger Brass Lighter $35

Does Dad really need a tiger engraved Zippo lighter? No. Would he like one? Hell. Yes. Zippo lighters have withstood the rigors of world wars, record-breaking expeditions, and even pandemics. This one is no different, but does feature a special polished brass shell with a tiger engraving. The jungle cat seemingly floats atop the surface of this windproof lighter ready for a lifetime of use. The heirloom-worthy lighter ships in a display case and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Consider it the season’s most awesome stocking stuffer…you’re welcome

Harry & David, Preferred Steak Collection $119

Got a Dad who loves to grill? Hearty and delicious, this collection from Rastelli’s is a steak lover’s dream. Featuring two each of the following cuts—filet mignon, New York strip, ribeye, and filet of top sirloin—these mouthwatering entrées are sure to satisfy. They come from Black Angus cattle raised on midwestern plains, fed a 100% vegetarian diet and corn-finished for optimal marbling and tender beef. Each steak is wet-aged for at least 21 days and trimmed to exacting standards to guarantee exceptional flavor from the first bite to the last.

RedBubble, 80’s Band T-shirts $19 – $25

Was your Dad big into bands in his day? Maybe he still likes to put on the old CD sometimes and jam to his favorite Goth, Heavy Metal, SynthPop or early Grunge (y’know, back when it “used to be about the music“). Okay, so maybe you’ve spent years tuning his tunes out, but we’re guessing you probably have an idea of some of his all-time favs. Redbubble has over 20,000 different Tees with all sorts of popular bands from those times. Show him how much you appreciate that he shared his music with you, even if the whisper of “Flock of Seagulls” still invokes in you the father of all eye rolls…

Scotch Porter, Ultimate Beard Collection $86.99

Have a Dad who’s particularly fond of his glorious face mitten? Give him a gift of highest quality, worthy of his gentlemen’s coif with Scotch Porter’s Ultimate Beard collection set. It includes everything needed to cleanse, condition and style his beard, plus a Boar’s Hair Brush and Kent Pocket Comb to keep his beard tamed, and also ignite his facial oils to keep his hair shiny, healthy and clean. Scotch Porter is one of the most recognized names out there for beard products, with 5 star ratings and quite the cult following. He’s sure to appreciate and use as part of his daily beard ritual.

Haggar, Smooth Vegan Venetian Slippers $27.99

If it were up to Dads, they’d probably live in their slippers all day. This year give him a pair that look good enough he can. Soft vegan leather on the outside and cozy faux fur on the inside, these slippers could pass as his favorite loafers or car shoes. Grippy rubber soles keep him firmly on his feet and they’re water resistant and easy to clean to boot. Get him a pair of these and the next time he boasts that he never “got out of his slippers all day” you can take that as a compliment.

PhoneSoap, Wireless Charger & Sanitizer $99.95

Dads love their phones, but in these days of the “new normal” his phone may not be loving him back. The PhoneSoap Wireless utilizes Qi wireless technology to wirelessly charge his phone, while the UV-C light sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs (including Covid-19). Works with iOS, Android or any phone operating system. The lighting bolt on the outside will glow when the object inside is clean. And it’s not just for phones. The PhoneSoap Wireless can sanitize keys, credit cards, ear buds, or anything else that can fit in the loading container. Cool bonus, there’s an additional external port that allows Dad to charge an object outside while the object inside is being sanitized.


American Giant, Classic Zip Hoodie $112

Cool Dads know there are hoodies and then there is the AG Classic. Slate magazine voted it “the greatest hoodie ever made”, so you know this is good enough for your proud papa to rock into his wardrobe rotation. What makes it so amazing? 100% ringspun cotton, reinforced elbow patches and double lined hood, custom metal zipper, grommets, and drawcord tips and double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread. These hoodies have been a top seller for nine years and counting. Show Dad that the “They don’t make ’em like they used to” slogan is definitely not the case here.

Nuroco, Red Sandalwood + Stainless Steel Band $89.95

Your Dad is a damn cool guy, so this year give him a damn cool looking watch band. Made of real, rugged Red sandalwood and stainless steel, this Apple Watch band can fit face sizes 38mm up to 44mm. It has six removable links to ensure the perfect fit for your Dad’s wrist and the band is compatible with Apple Watch 1 through 6.

Tipsy Elves, Hawaiian Shirts Collection $29.95

We may be closing in on winter but we’re betting just as soon as spring bounces in, your Dad will be out in the back sporting his favorite Hawaiian shirt. Well my friend you are in luck, because Tipsy Elves has a whole collection of shirts from vintage-looking traditional to all sorts of whimsical (check out the Bloody Mary fellow above). And best part they’re on sale right now so you can grab them for a steal (maybe get one for yourself…we won’t tell).

Belkin, SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker $299.99

The newest edition to the 5-star line up of Belkin smart speakers, the SoundForm Elite was created in partnership with sound engineering pioneers Devialet. Fully compatible with Alexa, Hey Google and Apple AirPlay, it also has a phone charging cradle on top, allowing Dad to answer incoming calls. High fidelity sound with full-resonant bass will let Dad hear his playlists and podcasts in crystal clear audio. It can also pair with other wireless speakers to fill the house. Let the house party begin!

Ties.com, Gold Handlebar Mustache Tie Bar $25

Sure, the “dad jokes” may get old quick, but deep down we can appreciate Dads with a sense of humor. If you’ve got a Dad like this…first, Congrats! Second, get him a stocking stuffer that will give him a good chuckle. Whether he’s a mustachioed gentleman or a joke enthusiast, consider this Handlebar Mustache tie bar a nod to his fatherly comic pith.

CALPAK Travel, 5-Pc Packing Cube Set $58

When Dad’s travel, they like to be organized. Help him pack smarter with this five piece packing cube set. Made of super durable, water-resistant but breathable mesh fabric, there is a 17″, 15″, 13″ and two 12″ cubes per set so he can easily separate shirts from shoes and toiletries from tube socks. They look great too, with 10 color/print options.

Herman Miller, Eames Hang-it-all $295

For the architectural Dads who cherish Mid-Century Modern designs, the name Eames is a hallowed brand. When Herman Miller contracted Charles and Ray Eames to create furnishings, the Hang-it-all became an immediate collector’s item. It elevated the everyday coat rack into something fun. The original version is shown above, with multicolored hooks and a white frame, but HM also offers more neutral colors now as well if that fits your Dad’s aesthetics a bit better.

QALO, Q2X Military Silicone Ring $15.96

For the father who served, QALO has partnered with the US Marine Corp to create this one-of-a-kind men’s gift ring. It’s made from Q2X silicone that is temperature tolerant, gasoline & oil resistant, and non-conductive, making it functional for even the dirtiest jobs in the harshest environments. For an additional $11.21 you can have an up to 12 character name or message engraved on the inside of the ring. If your Dad served in another of the armed forces, QALO also has partnered with the US Army, US Coast Guard and US Navy, so those versions are available as well (for the same prices as quoted here).

Timberland, 6-inch Premium Yellow Boot $198

These are the one and only. Waterproof, Primaloft insulated, anti-fatigue…this boot has been kicking ass since 1973. Seven color options to choose from, but we think you already know which one Dad is leaning towards. Like a great leather jacket, these boots get better with age…just like your old man.

Perpetual Kid, Here Comes Cool Dad Socks $12.99

And last but not least on our list we have…socks? Okay, we know what you’re going to say. But these aren’t just any old socks, these are Cool Dad socks. These socks say “Heyyyyyy, Cool Dad! Cool Dad making Cool Dad jokes, giving Cool Dad high fives, living his best Cool Dad life. Gosh, I love you, Cool Dad.” Nuff said…

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