Anniversary Presents for First, Five and Seven Year

Looking for a gift for your first, five or seven year anniversary? We have 15 fantastic options from fun to unique for celebrating your love and commitment to each other…

Ultimately, giving your wife an anniversary present is a meaningful gesture that allows you to express love, appreciation, and commitment, while celebrating the journey you’ve embarked on together. It helps create lasting memories and strengthens the bond between you, enhancing the overall happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.


The first year anniversary is a special milestone that marks your first year of togetherness and commitment. By giving your wife a thoughtful anniversary present, you are acknowledging and celebrating the love, partnership, and dedication you share. It shows her that you value and cherish the relationship, and it allows you both to reflect on the journey you’ve had together. Here are five of our editorial favorites.

Take inspiration from the traditional 1st year anniversary material of paper, and let her slide into this breezy, paper white seersucker Nightgown from LAKE. With its easy silhouette, pretty ruffles and faux tie, this is a comfy gift that’s fresh and classic.

LAKE, Alice Nightgown in White Seersucker $98

An Apple Watch is a great,ultra modern take on the modern 1st year anniversary gift of a clock. But why stop there? Really take this gift next level with a custom, Saffiano leather band with her very own initials, courtesy of Casetify. You can even choose her two favorite colors.

Apple Watch Series 8 $429.99 and

Casetify, Saffiano Leather Initial Apple Watch Band $42

With the modern 1st anniversary metal being gold, there are definitely plenty of options out there to choose from. So why not get something that’s personal to her? Satya Jewelry’s Gold Zodiac Coin Collection has each zodiac sign available (Gemini is shown below) delicately displayed on an 18k gold plate coin medallion and comes with an 18″ necklace.

Satya Jewelry, Gold Zodiac Coin Necklace $103

With gold being the modern metal for the 1st year, it’s no surprise that the modern 1st year gift color is yellow. Add to that bright and cheerful color by getting her a fragrance that’s equally optimistic and pure joy. Nina Ricci’s L’air du Temps. It’s the brand’s most iconic scent and ideal for the summer.

Nina Ricci, L’air du Temps $59.99

Finally, our last gift takes inspiration from the traditional 1st anniversary flower, the carnation. From their “Impressions” collection, Paddywax’s Pinky Promise candle is a fun, playful present. Pinky Promise combines notes of Carnation, Fig and Cedar to create a truly unique scent she’ll love.

Paddywax, 5.75 oz Pinky Promise Candle $22


The fifth year anniversary present should be a meaningful expression of your love and affection for your wife. It goes beyond words and actions by presenting a tangible token that represents your feelings. It demonstrates that you have put thought and effort into selecting a gift that reflects her personality, interests, or desires. The act of giving a gift can be deeply emotional and serves as a reminder of the bond you share. Here are five that understood the assignment completely…

Whether it’s recycle or reuse, if she’s into upcycling, she is going to love this traditional 5th year gift of wood. Handmade by artisans in the midwest from reclaimed barnwood and fence board, each whitewashed frame has it’s own distinctive weathering and knotholes, bringing a unique charm to whatever you decide to place in it (spoiler alert – your wedding picture would look amazing in this). Editor’s Note: Pricing will vary by size., Reclaimed Barnwood Weathered Frame

$76.74 (starting price)

Silverware is the modern 5th anniversary metal, and while we could go expected, our editors favor giving her something a bit more entertaining. This Julep kit from Bespoke Post comes with two silver plated cups (designed in the traditional 1800s style), two stainless steel spoon straws, a silicone ice tray specifically designed for creating easy-crush ice, a wood cocktail muddler, and a 4 oz bottle of Shaker & Spoon simple syrup.

Bespoke Post, Julep Kit $70

Jewelry is always a welcome present, so why not consider following the 5th anniversary gem gift of sapphire? This dark blue beauty was the favorite stone of Helen of Troy, and for centuries has been prized as the stones of wisdom and serenity. These 5.05 Carat blue sapphire earrings from Gem & Harmony feature baguette cut of blue sapphires surrounded by a halo of created white sapphires, all housed in sterling silver (so that’s two traditional anniversary gifts in one).

Gem & Harmony, 5.05 ctw Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver with Created White Sapphires $199

So, with sapphires as the anniversary stone, you can probably guess that the 5th anniversary color is blue. Why not channel the vibe of this comfort color and get her something truly decadent. This 100% Turkish cotton robe from LAKE is simply sumptuous. Not too long, not too short, it hits at just above the knee and has two generous pockets perfect for her phone and/or other items. She can have her spa day right at home, anytime.

LAKE, Turkish Terry Robe in Regatta Blue $136

Show her you have excellent taste, and also you remembered that Daisies are the 5th anniversary flower gift. This fun ‘flower arrangement’ is made from dipped apples, plump berries and smiley pineapple daisies with happy, heart-shaped eyes. It also comes with nine, premium dipped strawberries, which go wonderful with a glass of wine.

Fruit Bouquets, For My Sweetheart Fruit Bouquet w/Strawberries $109.99


Your 7th year anniversary present is a way to demonstrate your commitment to the relationship and your attentiveness to her needs and desires. It shows that you pay attention to the details and have taken the time to understand her preferences. It can be a symbol of your thoughtfulness and consideration, indicating that you care about her happiness and well-being. This gesture strengthens the emotional connection between you and reinforces the foundation of trust and love in your marriage. Here are five options from our editors to you…

If she loves her hoodies, this gift will be an instant favorite. Following the traditional 7th anniversary gift of wool, this super warm and cozy zip up jacket is handmade in Ireland, made from 100% Aran wool and features the intricate cable knit and herringbone patterns of the island.

Creative Irish Gifts, Zip Up Hooded Aran Knit Jacket $99.99

Of course the other traditional 7th year gift is copper, which among its many attributes has ions that stimulate angiogenesis and enhance in muscle healing. As such it’s used in recovery devices for athletes, such as the copper percussion massager by Prosage. This 6 in 1 massager is a welcome gift for post-workouts and/or anytime soreness after a long day.

Prosage, Evertone Copper Percussion Massager $74.99

Curious about the 7th anniversary gemstone? Both modern and traditional agree on the Onyx. This black gem is regarded in many cultures as a protector for harmonious relationships and symbolizing the love between two people. Sounds like a lovely gift indeed. This long pendant necklace from Satya Jewelry marries the elegant onyx with a touch of shimmering pyrite (which is worn for good luck) and incorporates it in a traditional Mala design. Mala means “meditation garland” in Sanskrit and have been worn by yogis and other seekers of knowledge, calm and peace of mind.

Satya Jewelry, Illustrious Black Onyx & Pyrite Mala $199

While there is some modern lists that include Jack-in-the-pulpit as an option, we prefer the traditional 7th anniversary flower – Freesia. With it sweet, airy scent, freesia is one of the most popular flowers added to perfumes, soaps and lotions. Which is why we’re pretty sure she is going to love this elegant diffuser by Viviance. A hammered gold sphere is topped with a ceramic sculptured freesia bloom.

1-800 Flowers, Hammered Gold Sphere Shaped Diffuser $42

As with all our previous years, we wind things down with the anniversary color, which for the 7th year is described as “off-white or yellow”. For our last and final gift option, we decided to go with a little of both. This wine and spa basket gift set from Harry & David comes with two bottles of 2021 Lucca & Sons Cellars™ White Blend, plus an entire array of white tea scented bath fizzers, confetti, lotion, bubble bath, body mist and more. Basically all that she needs for a complete at-home spa day (and you did get her that robe for your fifth…right?).

Harry & David, White Tea Spa Basket with Wine $89.99


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