Our Fast 5 Favorites from Perk’s Fantastic Spring Sale

These are the foundational pieces your wardrobe can’t get enough of…

Born from four generations of clothing manufacturers, Perk Clothing is a brand that focuses on foundational pieces that create form-flattering clothing that real guys want to wear. Taking the adage “if you’re going to do one thing, do it right”, this brand offers a refreshing take on the otherwise mass market concept of most brands. You won’t find a hodgepodge of *just okay* items on their website. Perk focuses on the four essentials every wardrobe needs – tees, polos, shorts, and chinos – and they do it to perfection.

As a direct-to-consumer business model, Perk controls every aspect of the manufacturing process. That means they ensure the quality is top-notch, they know exactly where their materials are sourced, and when you buy a piece of clothing from them, you’re going to pay for exactly what you get (no massive retail markup here, TYVM).

Still looking for more reasons to shop? How about this – Perk Clothing is having its Spring Sale. Starting today, March 11th, and running through March 25th, the brand is offering 20% OFF all full-priced items.

Not sure where to start? Let our Editors be your guide as they share their fast five favorites from the sale. With no time to waste, let’s get going!


Black chinos are the master and commander of your wardrobe. With its chameleon-like quality, it can just as easily replace your dress pants when paired with a button-down and blazer, or your black jeans when you’re looking to upgrade your off-duty look. And when you find a truly great pair, with a tailored fit, ultrasoft cotton twill, premium stretch and quick drying material? It’s not even a question of if but when…to which we answer, that time is right now.

Perk, The Feel Good Chino in Solid Black $95.20

(on Sale NOW from $119)



When it comes to a perfect polo, it’s pretty much all related to fabric and fit. So if the sleeves hit mid-bicep, the collar has just the right amount of structure and it fits well in the chest but roomy in the stomach, you know you’ve got a winner. Perk’s Feel Good Polo is all that and more, with a stay-flat collar, anti-pilling and moisture-wicking Pima cotton, 4-way stretch…oh, and did we mention no ironing needed? Comes in seven color options, but our Editor’s Choice is this handsome dark blue, which is versatile enough you’ll have a hard time finding anything in your wardrobe it won’t go with.

Perk, The Feel Good Polo in Ink Blue $71.20

(on Sale NOW from $89)



We get it, when there’s a foot of snow on the ground, you’re not really thinking about a pair of good shorts. But you should, because the off-season is the best time to find a great deal on a pair of quality shorts. Perk’s Feel Good Short is cut in the same silhouette as their amazing chinos, just, you know…shorter. They have a tailored fit in the leg but won’t pinch in the crotch, an all-around perfect 7.5″ inseam, and just the right amount of stretch. Comes in four colors, including this versatile dark khaki. Big bonus, they employ a compact long-stem fabric method, which keeps everything from stretching out and/or sagging. Simply put, your butt is gonna look amazing in these. No cap.

Perk, The Feel Good Short in Smooth Oak $79.20

(on Sale NOW from $99)



The black tee – It’s the blank canvas that instantly takes a ho-hum look to modern cool. Ideal for that minimalist style under a blazer or cardi. Perfect for elevating that denim shirt, flannel, or bomber jacket. And of course, it looks great with every pair of jeans in your wardrobe. There are a couple of things though, that can make or break your drip. The fit is everything – too tight and you’re in gym rat territory, too loose and your look reads plain sloppy. Perk’s Feel Good tee is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton, making it super soft and breathable. The cut is tapered, but not snug, enhancing your physique by focusing on the chest and arms, with a comfortable fit through the stomach. And unlike some lesser quality tees, this one has a stay-flat neck collar, so you can be confident it’ll stay put with no curling.

Perk, The Feel Good Tee in Jet Black $30.40

(on Sale NOW from $38)


Finally on our list – It’s the OG of casual pants, made famous by past icons like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, and today’s icons like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. The light khaki navigates easily between weekend casual, business happy hours, and anything in between. These are the pants you’ll reach for again and again for years to come, which is exactly why you want to invest in a great pair. Lucky you, Perk’s Feel Good Chino won’t break the bank. What it will do is give you years of stretch without sag, breathable but sturdy construction, and a color that stays true wash after wash.

Perk, The Feel Good Chino in Light Khaki $95.20

(on Sale NOW from $119)

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