Meet the Parents – Smart Casual Outfits Will Get You a Seat at the Table

Tees and hoodies are fine for your friends, but when you get the invite to meet your S.O.’s family, you need to step it up a notch. We’ll review 7 pro tip ideas & outfits to have you looking great and ready to be seated.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and if you’re in a serious relationship, you know it’s just a matter of time before your SO is going to want to introduce you to their family. If this is your first time, or an annual repeat, the big rule of thumb is to put some effort into your look.

Not sure where to start? Let’s begin with our 7 Pro tips:

#7 – Where’s the celebration? Traditional venue is usually at a relative’s home, but not every family goes by this rule. Some prefer to let others do the cooking and so your SO’s family get-together may include reservations to an upscale restaurant. Other families might be feeling the pinch of rising food prices this year and opt for a family-friendly establishment. Knowing where things are happening is your first step to dressing appropriately.

#6 – What are the activities? With a large group of various ages descending all under one roof, many families prepare games and activities to stave off the hungry hoards while dinner cooks. Grid-iron lovers may have a friendly game of touch football every year. Others may go for pre-dinner group hikes, board games, multi-player video games (like Nintendo Switch Sports) or kid-friendly fun like “Face the Pie”.

#5 – What will the weather be like? This one is an absolute must if you’re traveling to areas far out of your current location. There’s a whole lot of difference between, say, packing for Cape Coral, Florida versus Buffalo, New York.

#4 – What are the lowkey do’s and don’ts? You are a visitor in their family home, so there is an expectation that certain rules will be followed. Get the download ahead of time from your SO on anything you should know about.

#3 – What should I bring? As a guest, you should always bring something. It could be a small item like a designer candle, artisan chocolates or your favorite coffee. Wine or a moderately priced, top-shelf liquor is almost always welcome as an easy gift (but remember rule #4 just in case).

#2 – How much is too much? There may be a lot of wine, beer and spirit pouring going on. Enjoying in moderation is alright, but know your limits. Starting to feel tipsy? Rotate in some non-alcoholic items in your glass.

#1 – Be polite or be honest? Spoiler alert, the answer is both. Family get togethers (even when they’re your own) can be abrasive. Divergent opinions, aggressive family members (“Why aren’t you married yet?!”) and/or political views. Knowing the answers to the other rules above will help you navigate. If , however, the situation becomes unavoidable, don’t feel pressured to present a false face. A simple “I’m not interested in engaging with you on this” and turning the conversation towards something neutral is a good way to stay polite without sacrificing your views.

Now that we’ve got our tips together, let’s show some fantastic outfits that should win you a seat at the table.

Perfect for hitting that balance between comfortable and put together.

From Left to Right:

If the phrase “cocktails before dinner” is mentioned at any time

From Left to Right:

Don’t hide your love of gorpcore, zhuzh it up!

From Left to Right:

Channel your inner Steve McQueen-meets-Chris Evans

From Left to Right:

Some families like to work up an appetite, so don’t sweat it

From Left to Right:

Traveling to warmer temps is no excuse for sloppy dressing

From Left to Right:

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